Human Sperm now in Anti-Ageing Cream

That was a shocking revelation to me. Seriously. Have you ever imagined this yourself? Sperm in creams? Disgusting as it looks. But scientists have came to the conclusion that Human sperm actually works in reducing wrinkles and ageing lines. Telegraph wrote

A new study by scientists at Graz University found that spermidine, a compound that is found in sperm, slows ageing processes and increases longevity in yeast, flies, worms and mice, as well as human blood cells, by protecting cells from damage. Adding spermidine suppressed various processes associated with ageing, as well as reducing free radicals and increasing lifespan.

Norwegian company,BioforSkin, has actually developed the creams and they are selling it in the open market. They call it SkinScience. Already in some spa's, these creams are in use in shape of facial massage. Eeew!! As Sherlyn rightly puts it like this ...
I was clueless. Since when did human sperms become the new age cosmetic cream? Aren’t sperms meant for procreation? And, if the girl doesn’t wish to get pregnant and is not on birth control pills, the guy disposes the sperms in a condom, a trash bin, a toilet or any place else. At least, that's what I thought.
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